Friday, October 14, 2016

fudken sakede SACKED

man i wasn't at athah place two shifts and the fuckknen pastry chkef calls me out ans says YOU, OUT

Thhrew my station on the ground and gave a real good F YOU, talkin doubl ebirds, sppinnin in circles on one hw heel before grabbin my roll an bustin out. I was doin pastry prep aftewr some book sI been readin inna las fw years, NAKED PIG GOES TO MEDOC etc,.not even just scullin n slingin bean s as ausual. trin to up my game. did'nt amout ot nothin.

stuiod new plac eaclled hamlanders or somethin,  i forget, fn preteneoius, "ingreidnet forward hyper local " well gues what pal ashole chef JEFF I rmemebr yoru name and you got no business sackin me just acuse I drank all the wine didn't win du up poachin the hasellbeck pears, asshsole, was just gonna go to wastee, il drlink what I wnt and if you want me arounads that is the deal

yor udesserts all look likek dongs

Sunday, May 04, 2008


.,holy fuzz button (clit-) got sasclked from Joesephine's after like eight weeks of shit goin wrel good. frnch place shoulda known they'd bew dicks. was busin a plata chartcuterei back and tooka abig bite outat asome pork chop and mgr jean pual givesm me the MERDE!!! an cuts my apron off with a a knife he grabsa from some prepo cook

man am i ever gonana be a CEO lookin' unlikelyt

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

fuckien salcked

fucking vietname place gig was goni well smoked with the dudes out abakc durn breaks or wahtever frewe soup an gettin fat on noodle s

main dude Diet Guy (real name pronuced DEET GHEE( alway syellin at wife though an she's alawyas givin me the the ice eye scowel an i can tell that's hate whiteyspeak for GET LOST WHITEY

anwya was doin bang up job sculln and prep but today Die tguy puts a wadda cash in my chest pckoet an paacka smoke s which is my wif ehates you for GET LOST SORRY THOUGH

ben around this busioness long enuogh to get fired in every langauge)(^#
PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*&(*@#^$ (*^#$ #((*(*####

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


fn owner ofvewr a t Olivios gavce mne my walkiong papers last nighut since he saaw me eation offa a plate I was clearn. i was like the fucking guy left a fn sausage the size 'a my arm you seroiuslyi thinkl I aoin't gonna eat that DICKEHAD? and he sias I got the resrt of the night off an dnot to show up otmorrow. that ain't code alnaguage i am sacked like john fn holmes

dude was famous for his sakc

among other things


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

well thats a fick pissr

fn manager at Corleone's gave me the saklc tonight cause I was eatin stuff off plates onn away back from busin the table. fn people shouldn't oredwe4r a staek if they'er not gonna finiash it. fudcking quaiil too an dpasta s lookin too good ot leanve alone like barely mot ven touched. fuckers and look how they live throw away food and go off in a fucking jaguruar, ill fucken eat it cause don't waastrew good shit like that on hte sculler anywaysa he'll eaet it an he nevaer getrs sacked assahoel

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

glases are rad

nw glasses acdtauly fuck n alritht gotaskeds a qusation by soem chick toadya

shes' aall susse me sir can yoiu tell eme theh time

im' like ACE OF SPAEDES 1

fn she baceked off but whateaqvre thassa most headway i maidae w a chick inlike sixi yearas \

dpretty soone its like lyle will yo ohave my baby

no but good teo get some rewasapct

BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH1!!!!!$5 6939%%%%%%% *((**(

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

got glases

Man so fn in time for this fn wedding of beefs ai i hadda go and get some glases s and inm' gonna look like a ffuckling fjagfgffgt50987q2345

bettert not wear em

the good kinda glasses withi frames people can barely see cost like four hudhnred so i just went with thet plain sdbasics

i look like a afucking old cop