Friday, July 30, 2004

what the hell blogger

man this website just published my last post like fifty times + I hadda delete all the extras one by one, friggin' sucked.

also sucking: Ray's party is all fancy tonight with a dance band + dancing lessons wtf. todd says theres even a fuckin dude in fronta the wine so you can't help yourself, guess we'll go down to sports. ain't workin this weekend cause of renovations at dos pochegos so maybe we'll go campin. got some scratch in my pkt and it feels good.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

ha piffed

nailed down at sports again w todd but upstairs to damians no one around + wound up at taco bell

the local ws trollin his skank + rolled him for fifty cause he disd me for hittin the hanky panky + sucker is weak on the draw

left the skank to clean his nose with the alkywipes and dn touch the merchandise

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


christ I was halfway through a shift at dos pochegos just same old salmon then outta nowhere my pants fell down WTF

the carrot and celery guys got a few vegs into em before I could pull em up again so i had some cold roots keepin company. eh ha + ha ha etc. anyhow glad the fucken night's over and I got a cool BL rack to crack on the way home plus a paper skin of situation. ain't gotta be nobody's nowhere til 11 tomorrow so me and todd are gonna go ice blockin down at seven pines.

Monday, July 26, 2004

gonzo sexcart

ha ha so ray gave up on his sanitaco cart + took off so I took some bucks off gonzo gary + let him film some kink usin the countertops and the sour cream ladle. he says the cart's havin its 15 minutes so I got to max out its exposure, handed me a card of one of his producer buddies + told me to give him a call. long one short I got another porn crew comin over tomorrow to film "SaniSluts 2: Enter The Taco." think I'm gonna clear 300 bucks for that one but I got a sweet angle, I'm gonna provide catering for another 200! this cart is a goldmine

Friday, July 23, 2004

mario got fd

had mario one of the preps come out with me + todd tonight and he w't up to it, capped after two beers acting stupid + we ditched him at  sports. Burn it we climbed up to damian's place upstairs at the sequoia + took some VSOgutrot with a toothless d knew who made us pay a quarter per sip but after a few she was dead down and we made with the slow. pitchbored after some crap at her neighbors fighting with some backpack and came home type type 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

blank checkbook!

so ray steps in and thinks he's gonna play the food service game for a while starting with my taco stand. he changed my basic idea around so that pissed me off but then he slaps this blank checkbook down + goes "do the right thing." little while later he shows up with these white embroidered shirts that say SaniTaco!™ and have this taco sitting in a bathtub  combing its hair. I cut the embroidered part out of one of 'em and made a little SaniTaco! cape for Todd and the little sucker already got the thing pretty filthy, guess he found this used tin of jiffy pop and rolled around in the grease for a while the dude stinks like butter now

Sunday, July 18, 2004

spit hooch emperor

damn I got the jetsam cmin outta my ears now with this pitcher gig! I got 24 pitchers stashed in every corner at dos pochegos and they all go for full maybe half hour intot he shift. How do these stupid customers thorw so much booze awaya/!?
gonna maybe instead of taco truck open up a bar with all this fack smooch 

Friday, July 16, 2004

taco truck

damn, brought three tupperware pitchers today + hid them in the potted flower alcove b/t the dining room and kitchen, dropped margaritas into one, beers into one, wine/sangria into one. Had all three topped off by 9pm with an hour and a half left to go. tomorrow's friday so huge turns and I'm gonna stash all kinds more pitchers around the place. figure I get enough booze goin can open one of those taco stands or whatever, esp if the cooks keep loading me down with the rice/bean/tortilla/chip leftovers ever night. boss even gave me four dozen eggs just a day past their prime since health dept was coming later. Work breakfast stand 7am-11:30 outside the EBM loading dock, then cut over to Dos Pochegos for lunch/dinner shifts and more beans/rice/etc.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yeah it was his 02 sensor

Just needed some wipin' off, carbon, runnin fine again. whoever installed that AC DELCO aftermarket efi rig on that mill put the 02 sensor too far down the exhaust line, exhaust cools off by the time it gets there and just cakes the thing. gonna weld it in up closer to the block tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

mango margaritas

today thinkin ahead I brought some ziploc bags for the beans + rice etc but also a tupperware pitcher for the leftover drinks the cstmrs. leave. now i got me thinkin i got to bring a couple diff't pitchers one for beer one for margaritas one for sangria etc. surprised no ones thought of this, guess lots of the dudes in the kitchen are religious. Pretty nice crew generally workin fast with the head down, tattoos of a name on the forearm etc. So now Todd + I are gonna start a fire out in the yard and drink this ptcher of mango margaritas i collected + figure out why his van ain't idling it just dies. Prob the 02 sensor again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

nice beans

what I like about workin a mexican joint is all the free vittles they dump on you at end of night. came home with 5lbs of chips and a quart each beans and rice. had to put it all together in a garbage bag tho cause I didn't bring a container, tomorrow tho. dumped about 18 lipsticked half-margaritas in the old face (who pays seven bucks for half a drink) and smiled like a jesus

oh plus bear is all jerked up cause i took one 'a his white collared shirts outta the laundry. apparently it was a hundred and fifty bucks custom made. felt kinda nice for a shirt, got to admit. got salsa all down the fronta it + tore the sleeve on the dumpster so when he saw me wearin it in the kitchen he was flat pissed. Looked like he was wearin a three hundred dollar new hat though so I let it slide.

Monday, July 12, 2004

new mexican place workin out alright

i hadda go by the thrift depot fora white collared shirt + got a not too bad one for a buck, it's got a computer company logo sewn on the chest. new boss says I gotta get one without a computer company logo and I'm like "but it's a MEXICAN computer company" and he goes no it ain't and I go "Cisco sounds pretty damn mexican to me" I even said it sees-co. he didn't buy it so

fuck man, i gotta spend another buck on another shirt. I can't be droppin all my samoleans on funeral duds. anyhow he followed me around as I was pourin water for dips + picking up dropped forks etc. Front ofhte house is kind of a drag it turns out but I got a better view a the tip purse + can sneak a buck here and there off the tables besides. oh plus first dibs on leftover margaritas + brew

Sunday, July 11, 2004

adios stan the man

stan's got a good way with the skirts, he had one under each arm at sports tonight,. a coupla dumps but stan don't care. I hada few with a fella runs a mexican joint + needs a busboy so it's a big leg up for lyle in the world, i gotta stop by there before lunch tomorrow for the runthrough. i'm burnin' in early tonight therefore and so on and stan caught the 58 back to reno. broke my pinky on corner of a table

Saturday, July 10, 2004

stan's in

hah i forgot how stan can really push it in, we did the blood right with boilermakers and pbr down at sports and hit scottish petes up for some salty + potatoes. then we get home and some reason there's six dry bowls of cereal out on the table, so we dump the cereal and take the whites out for skeet but only it's skeet where you throw one bowl at the bowl you just threw up in the air. that don't last too long aso stan dont' know his way aroudn so well and he breaks a neighbor's window and we kill the lights. we're gonna put a puff on and fade so ciao donkeys see you unless dead.

Friday, July 09, 2004

cousin in town

crap did I really bang it up last night after julio fired me + I kicked his ass + stabbed him with his keys. think it was a 12 of steel reserve adnd some jagers. Had a hard time wakin' up today and sent todd to mix me a Piss-Hot Curtis, our secret concoction of red bull, worster sauce, bourbon and salt. not too soon either cause then my cousin Stan called + said he was headin into town. so we're gonna rail around underground tonite since i ain't got to work and he usually has some flush cash cause he works construction.

crappy sony sport radio

took this little sports radio outta julio's office tonite, plastic yellow SONY SPORTS kind that plays tapes and don't let water in etc. perfect for my station cause of all the spray + etc. So he comes out and sees me with it plugged in, he starts playin' a delicious hand and goes Lyle can we have a talk and motions we oughta talk outside of the building. So I'm pretty ready for him with a hand or 2 in my pockets and when he gives me the not workin' out bit I give it to him real memorable, two or five across the face and bloody lips. Sixty sad bucks outta his wallet and to put the piss on it I take his cards. Then I take that key for his new Mustang and stick it into his arm, like a needle. He pisses like a baby and there you go Julio, I guess I shouldn't come in for work tomorrow. VROOOOM alright I got a nice skin of it outta my locker and piss all over town. Now in six mins. Todd's over with a few #2 adn some more.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


gotta b at work in 2 mins but can barely keep eyes open

bender heard round the world hello and good morning shit bettter take asnake of the bad stuff and a cuppa strong black

julio btr stay in hs office today hope Lou notices and hits my slack to cover for a brohter.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

late for work again

but not by much, just 10 mins or so. what's he expect from his sculler, it ain't like he can't do my work if i ain't around. do him some good to get his hands dirty, stead of farting around chatting up the bluehairs that think his canneloni and minestrone are good going out food. That place is a dump and a joke with parmesan and pepper on top.

me + todd cooked up a good Best Tuesday on high life 32s and acid, was a pretty long night. everytime i see a shadow I still have a problem with it (a man is in the shadow, but he's not there etc) so i'll be dodgy in the soup again tnoite.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

damn late for work

I was pluggin around on and lost track of time, crap I got to be at work in six minutes. Oh well, screw Julio I'm gonna be late. I don't answer to him, I'm gonna walk in smokin' and he's gonna sulk into his office cause he knows I'll kick his ass, he won't show his head in the kitchen until I'm halfway through the lunch mess that the lunchtime guy can't handle. Give me any guff and I'll give it back to that lipstick red mustang he just bought, probably with the scoop he's been taking off my tip share. + screw Julio

Monday, July 05, 2004

Man whatta fuck

Arnie's punched the price of a fifh of jd up to 18, which is a total rob so i'm gonna kick it down at jb for a while until I can lift mikey's tip troll outta his locker on wednesday (mikey's the retard who washes the stemware and other non-Hobarts down at Julio's + never reset his locker code). awesome also fuck arnie

Friday, July 02, 2004

woke up on a burn

had so many rum and cokes last night i couldn't sleep so wide awake still buzzed I went round the swingset and kicked at todd's place all morning. ran out of the old coffin nails + had to steal teodor's pack from the garage so sorrysucker

me and todd had some luck fixin the string pull on this old briggs + stratton which is a pretty nice machine + I think we're gonna turn it around for forty bucks, pretty good since I just lifted it off the sidewalk one night abandoned & all. that'll put us in the flush for a bit cool cause I think that fuck dirtbag Julio's been stiffing us on the tip pool lately I can tell. maybe next time he comes back light in his little black capezios i'm gonna hurl a nice brass one at his head and knock his ponytail back to cuba

pised on side of house

apparently no one notices when you do this even though it is loud. or they're scared to say something cause who wants to deal with a pssin' guy. hah. here's a tip for you all, don't bother a guy who's so drunk he's pissin' on your house! you ain't gonna change that dude's mind.


hahahahahhahahahhaa foudn some new rum in the house today kidn of cloudyb utok 84proof

fuck you

fuck you