Monday, August 30, 2004

busy week

got 258 new titles in distro this week. Salsa Sluts Meet The T.A.C.O. has me starrin as LYLE TACO that's been real popular. Beaner Girls went over like a lead balloon, turns out no one wants to watch girls smearin refried beans on themselves but a handful of germans (they did buy out the first run though). even doin a gourmet series called Cockin' With Julia Piled where the cart has nicer ingredients in the steam table + some wine bottles around + the studs wear monocles. dunno, it don't take a lot to make it in this game. even if it all sucks I'll still make a mint.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

wtf in the fridge

lifted a bunch of food outta the fridge tonite since ain't got the dos pochegos gravytrain anymore + still got to feed the pumpies. found this weird plastic pack of immolated peckers wtf. whoever's eatin prick jerky oughta clean up their act. hadda union jack on it, weird. Thought that was more of a german thing.

Friday, August 20, 2004

I ain't gonna speak at no AVN awards

thanks for the invite but screw those dupes i got tape to shoot. i ain't gonna sit around givin' some speech even if Cindy St. Plug is gonna be there. that's goin' soft and laurels + I got no time. we're settin' up 3 more gonzo franchises this week and I got methed up dirtbags from as far away as bakersfield hitchin' in. gus is doin' good work with cam#2 and we're gonna put another 53 titles in distro monday.

oh yeah i guess i informally quit dos pochegos by not going there + working anymore

Monday, August 16, 2004

golden bear

good shoot today + I seem to be a natural at this stuff. Tim + Jon pumped some gay on the swingset + Gus got a tight money shot on our new cam. Cammie called some friends Troy & Marc + I just put the lens on the button and they did their thing and the check wrote itself. awesome

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


ain't too hard pullin' shifts at dos pochegos + the gonzo it turns out. I'm gonna take next paycheck and get a couple cameras of my own + teodor's gonna design the labels for the dvds + website. fuck jimmy that no talent guido I'm gonna run his ass outta town. the crew'll stick w/me cause of the free food + cheap smack from Todd.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

dos pochegos openin' up tomorrow

dos pochegos openin' up again tomorrow so I'm gonna be beat workin' the two jobs. good thing about gonzo though is they just film whenever. today we did SaniSluts 11, maybe at lunchtime. were pretty spent but Jimmy brewed some Folgers + we got through an SS12 and SS13 and started on SS14 but by that time the money shots were just spare change and sweat so Jimmy called it. dude could get a lot more footage if he just coked us, shot an hour of pumping + framed the money shots without context so he could reuse 'em (plus get an extra camera for multiple angles of no-context money shots, gettin' even more from less). sometimes I gotta wonder about that guy.

Friday, August 06, 2004

SaniSluts 8

man we're already up to ss8 + I'm bankin' good loot. got a leather robe I wear on the set now, back has silver spikes spell out LYLE TACO my porn name. ain't the best but not like it matters. tonight one of the broads OD'd + puked up tapioca type crap all over the cart counter, no one wanted to eat after that + that cost me fifty in catering. shoot went well though + Jimmy (gonzo gary) said we'd shoot again tomorrow.

gonna head to ray's

Thursday, August 05, 2004

man whatta shoot

so took the cart over to eastside last night for that gonzo shoot + this didn't happen last time but they had me act in the video. guess that's what gonzo's all about. pretty righteous though the broads were tweaked. the bottom one had an eye that kept twitching the whole time even after the shoot. made three hundo for the cart rental plus fifty for dinner plus a cool hundo for the bang.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

kitchen fire

awesome kitchen fire at dos pochegos, guess the renovation contractors didn't put the salamander in right cause it set the wall on fire halfway through the dinner slam. made off with a handle of chablis in the hubbub. now i gotta get the cart over to eastside for another gonzo shoot, another three hundred easy.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

stupid todd

found todd passed out under a box in the kitchen wtf. said he didn't know how long he was in there b/c no windows + thats why he wasn't at sports last night. got a huge gut ache from too much pemmican tender, gonna go sick it up outside.