Tuesday, September 28, 2004

pumpies on vac'n

C gave us alla week off but the thing with a gonzo crew, is that if you disappear for a week they wander off and get in w/somebody else or wind up dead, so I hadda take 'em with me on vacation. took 'em on the nstl to bakersfield and they watched me shoot AR-15, M-16 and a couple russian assault rifles. skyler got lucid for a sec and bitched against "guns" so I gave her a cold dose and she went to sleep under a dumpster. just for shits we shot a couple dozen new titles, pumpies just doin' it on dirt or near a fence. not a lot to look at in bakersfield.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

drowned lady

fuckin jimmy came around the set today lookin for work, meth'd outta his gourd and lookin like a drowned lady. poor suck was only wearin jean cutoffs and flip flops + sweating like a glass. guess times ain't been too good to him since Lyle took the gonzo reins around here. none 'a the pumpies would go near him after he puked into the crook of his arm so I let him do a j/o solo in the pool shed, made gus shoot it w/o tape in the camera. gave the skell five bucks and told him to stay offa my set. hit him with a chair to make the point even though I felt a little sorry for him + didn't really want to. you gotta know how to herd the bottomfeeders.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

FF Boy = fuckin fool boy

F.F. Boy showed up with a spiderbite on his dick and the whole fuckin set shut down like a plague ship. idiot shoulda come to me first now I got to talk all the pumpies back down outta the trees. we're gonna have a meeting tomorrow with FF's dong on an overhead projector along with other spiderbite pics so the pumpies can tell it's not an STD. shenanigan probly cost me twelve titles yesterday.