Friday, October 14, 2016

fudken sakede SACKED

man i wasn't at athah place two shifts and the fuckknen pastry chkef calls me out ans says YOU, OUT

Thhrew my station on the ground and gave a real good F YOU, talkin doubl ebirds, sppinnin in circles on one hw heel before grabbin my roll an bustin out. I was doin pastry prep aftewr some book sI been readin inna las fw years, NAKED PIG GOES TO MEDOC etc,.not even just scullin n slingin bean s as ausual. trin to up my game. did'nt amout ot nothin.

stuiod new plac eaclled hamlanders or somethin,  i forget, fn preteneoius, "ingreidnet forward hyper local " well gues what pal ashole chef JEFF I rmemebr yoru name and you got no business sackin me just acuse I drank all the wine didn't win du up poachin the hasellbeck pears, asshsole, was just gonna go to wastee, il drlink what I wnt and if you want me arounads that is the deal

yor udesserts all look likek dongs