Wednesday, October 27, 2004

where the f is my money

wft dammit I shoulda kept closer books on the loot, here I was all this time filmin and movin titles and I thought I was rackin up bank. turns out I been spendin too much on machine guns and couldnt buy my own teeth for a dime. now I gotta liquidate some of my coll'n and that sux hot.

Mauser Karabiner 98k (Infanteriepatrone 7,9mm)
Maschinengewehr 34
MG 34 Panzerlauf
Carbinieri Garlotta 10,7
Kalashnikovs - all types and mods
Paul Revere Smithy blunderbuss - mint - detailed inlay
Misc and mod odds and ends

Saturday, October 23, 2004

man what a diff

steada' the usual pump and grind I shooed the crew away for the weekend, figure they won't forget the breadline before Monday. their basal nervous system will probably crawl them to work on time. went to ray's and then down to e.a. later when the candies faded, man what a diff to be free for a few. been a while since i ain't had tape rolling.

ray's got some new line of yuppie brews goin, pretty good really so I said he oughta start a whiskey, same idea. he was shits to listen so maybe we got somethin. he poked around and thumbframed space for a couple stills + etc so we're gonna make some whiskey.

todd still in krept, see him nxt wk.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


man fuckin police tried to bust my set pretendin they got a call about a kid bein around. I ain't stupid, I doc all my pumpies, got the records on file with custodian of records myron b wasserman of 1141b N commonwealth ave la ca. you heard it here first you stalkin badges, I know you're followin this. tell myron I said hi.

they did make off with about half the p's tho for holdin smack and outstandin warrants. now I gotta go down and harvest another bunch of dopes from east a. gonna cost me a half day of shootin and probably five titles.

oh well at least i've got the shits from all that coffee + won ton soup

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Jimmy crapped in my yard!

sonofa bitch, took a shot at him + chased him for a few but he was methed and ran like a ghetto cheetah. now there's this pathetic little yellow shit the size of a cig on the front lawn. I ain't goin near the thing so hopefully a dog eats it.

just wrapped vols I-VII of Frankenblumpkin, a nasty thing buyers are into now. we found this one russian guy who can self-blumpkin, kind of insane, so letty put some green makeup on him + bolts on his neck. after the money shot he looks up and goes BLUMPKIN...GOOOOOOD!