Wednesday, March 30, 2005

car smoke soon smoke

ray gotta machine we gonna cock it up to roll joints, should coin us up in real rolls. maybe ain't gotta settle for some stinky '83 Jimmy, maybe gonna fork it over for an '89 wrangler or International. ain't a big fan of new cars, like to wrench thatshit myself. don't trust any ride gotta be hooke dup to a computer for a checkup. 99% of most new car tech is bullshit sales stuff, any old slant-six dart runs better thanna ML mercedes doo-whop dogbag fuckit

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

fuckin smoker needs a car

so a whilenow I been busin at The Old Gate this jerked up white linne joint gougin' over thirty bucks a plate for dainty continenetal shit filet mginon dover sole steak diane veal oscar etc baby carrot, bullshit. cool dope is the xtian who runs the joint is the only moral man in the biz aand keeps a real stiff tip tally and book, makin sure none of his staff lies on underreporting tips, so I get a pretty good share 'a that shit and can sock away a buck now an then. got to thinkin and realized its been a while since this old burn had a car sop I'm gonna put a few away for some wheels. thinkin probably can get an old Jimmy 4x4 under around eigh thundo an finally hook up that cb/scanner unit I traded jose for.