Wednesday, February 20, 2008

fuckien salcked

fucking vietname place gig was goni well smoked with the dudes out abakc durn breaks or wahtever frewe soup an gettin fat on noodle s

main dude Diet Guy (real name pronuced DEET GHEE( alway syellin at wife though an she's alawyas givin me the the ice eye scowel an i can tell that's hate whiteyspeak for GET LOST WHITEY

anwya was doin bang up job sculln and prep but today Die tguy puts a wadda cash in my chest pckoet an paacka smoke s which is my wif ehates you for GET LOST SORRY THOUGH

ben around this busioness long enuogh to get fired in every langauge)(^#
PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*&(*@#^$ (*^#$ #((*(*####