Saturday, December 24, 2016

I gor sacked for lemmy

wanted to do this one up irhgt, fo rtht eMAN , bwent into this newgig a t BURRITO TACO HOUSE I shit you not tha tis the name, kind of a ghost ship on autopoiilot otu by the dog nd pony track, lost to the 70s, does enough business on one0time tourists not to have to be at ALL a fucklen place fo rrael. I was like, I'm gonna tank this gig so hard for fufking Lemmy. HONOR IN GLORY HONOR IN RAGE HONOR IN FRIJOLES CANCELLADO

So I piss all in ther elike thighs out man, cock o the walk, yeah I'm the best fucken sculler you ever got your hot load boilin for, mamanger creep, gimme the gig, you'd be lucky if yyou had me in there. And instead a turnin me right on the hell out the door guy sys "You start now?" So I'm like fuckit


and I aint 'do jack shit, truth be told. there's this busser kid from the local progfam name d Dann y D who does all my dishes, nearas I can tell hes a little jimmed up off the norm, bent and smiley, but  I tell hifjjm how cool he is, take hiim under my wing, teach him how ot be a man, , he gets some bigass simle and achienvement, he's gla dto be makin someone proud. He aint all sorted for keeps up top, but hell if he aint' happy an d I get to delveope my phiilosoophies on ohw ot be a man on an intaersted audience.. SO far bein a man mean s demandin respect  and  collectin the marg dregs in a pitcher for old Lyle to take ito the walk-in and pound on the hour NEVER SHORT ME


Kinda gettin emitonial tinkin about how I help this kid, mabe  anew puropse in life for me, new direction , intense

Mahbe finally kind a bein somebody