Friday, July 02, 2004

woke up on a burn

had so many rum and cokes last night i couldn't sleep so wide awake still buzzed I went round the swingset and kicked at todd's place all morning. ran out of the old coffin nails + had to steal teodor's pack from the garage so sorrysucker

me and todd had some luck fixin the string pull on this old briggs + stratton which is a pretty nice machine + I think we're gonna turn it around for forty bucks, pretty good since I just lifted it off the sidewalk one night abandoned & all. that'll put us in the flush for a bit cool cause I think that fuck dirtbag Julio's been stiffing us on the tip pool lately I can tell. maybe next time he comes back light in his little black capezios i'm gonna hurl a nice brass one at his head and knock his ponytail back to cuba