Thursday, November 25, 2004

I experienced a minor setback.

As I mentioned in my last entry I had acquired some tools. They were to be handy when I attempted to pick the lock of my room during the noisy parts of The Black Stallion. I had intended to escape during the film, when the staff's attention was otherwise diverted.

I had not noticed that the interior keyhole of my door lock was filled with solder. Tools were of no use against this. Today during tea time I carefully returned the tool to the nurse's bag, yet I hid the paperclip by weaving it into the elastic band of my underpants.

They do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Scotland and so the meal was plain. White bread was pressed into cupcake tins and filled with a mixture of chipped beef, mushroom gravy, and peas. This was then baked until the bread toasted. The beverage served was milk.

If I am not mistaken, I detected the reminiscence of extremely cheap cooking sherry in the gravy.