Friday, July 09, 2004

crappy sony sport radio

took this little sports radio outta julio's office tonite, plastic yellow SONY SPORTS kind that plays tapes and don't let water in etc. perfect for my station cause of all the spray + etc. So he comes out and sees me with it plugged in, he starts playin' a delicious hand and goes Lyle can we have a talk and motions we oughta talk outside of the building. So I'm pretty ready for him with a hand or 2 in my pockets and when he gives me the not workin' out bit I give it to him real memorable, two or five across the face and bloody lips. Sixty sad bucks outta his wallet and to put the piss on it I take his cards. Then I take that key for his new Mustang and stick it into his arm, like a needle. He pisses like a baby and there you go Julio, I guess I shouldn't come in for work tomorrow. VROOOOM alright I got a nice skin of it outta my locker and piss all over town. Now in six mins. Todd's over with a few #2 adn some more.