Monday, July 12, 2004

new mexican place workin out alright

i hadda go by the thrift depot fora white collared shirt + got a not too bad one for a buck, it's got a computer company logo sewn on the chest. new boss says I gotta get one without a computer company logo and I'm like "but it's a MEXICAN computer company" and he goes no it ain't and I go "Cisco sounds pretty damn mexican to me" I even said it sees-co. he didn't buy it so

fuck man, i gotta spend another buck on another shirt. I can't be droppin all my samoleans on funeral duds. anyhow he followed me around as I was pourin water for dips + picking up dropped forks etc. Front ofhte house is kind of a drag it turns out but I got a better view a the tip purse + can sneak a buck here and there off the tables besides. oh plus first dibs on leftover margaritas + brew