Tuesday, July 13, 2004

nice beans

what I like about workin a mexican joint is all the free vittles they dump on you at end of night. came home with 5lbs of chips and a quart each beans and rice. had to put it all together in a garbage bag tho cause I didn't bring a container, tomorrow tho. dumped about 18 lipsticked half-margaritas in the old face (who pays seven bucks for half a drink) and smiled like a jesus

oh plus bear is all jerked up cause i took one 'a his white collared shirts outta the laundry. apparently it was a hundred and fifty bucks custom made. felt kinda nice for a shirt, got to admit. got salsa all down the fronta it + tore the sleeve on the dumpster so when he saw me wearin it in the kitchen he was flat pissed. Looked like he was wearin a three hundred dollar new hat though so I let it slide.